Photo by EVG Kowalievska on Pexels

Sazja Lincoln Portfolio

Sazja is currently a retail manager for an archival vintage company and works directly with stylists, celebrities, and designers but comes from a background in the live concert industry. Her extensive knowledge of working with high-end clientele and a keen eye for styling has excelled her through her career transition. Sazja decided to go to school after losing her job due to the pandemic and is currently working towards a career in fashion styling. She recently graduated with her associate degree in Merchandising and Marketing from The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. She is currently working towards her bachelor’s in digital marketing and will finish in the fall of 2024. Her schooling and jobs have allowed Sazja to create marketing campaigns, advertisements, websites, influencer outreach programs, and all aspects of Adobe software.

Her love of fashion and natural ability to style any body type has brought her to Los Angeles to fulfill her dreams of being a celebrity stylist. Her current position has given Sazja firsthand experience working with stylists and has only deepened her passion for the industry. At her current job, Sazja has created weekly digital marketing campaigns sent to over 400 fashion industry leaders, bringing in over $100,000 of revenue over the last eight months. She also works face-to-face with industry leaders and can conduct business professionally yet discreetly. These attributes are just a few reasons Sazja will succeed in her career and become an industry leader in fashion styling.

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